Friday, May 11, 2007

ESET Smart Security Available for testing

ESET the original creator of the famous Antivirus Software NOD32, released the long awaited Security Suite which is in Beta phase now. Besides a very good piece of antivirus program, it includes a firewall and an antispam module. I have used NOD32 for more than 7 years and I've been to the nastiest and meanest sites known to mankind and I can tell you it is a record breaking antivirus program. The guys from ESET are among the best if not THE best antivirus developers, but they seem to be terrible advertisers. From all the people I've recommended this antivirus to, there is not a single person to complain about it. Indeed, they are all grateful to me, bringing me presents, sacrifices and asking me to merry their daughters as to this day. Ok, ok I exaggerated for the most part, but if they could compare it to Norton's piece of junk they sure will do those things for me. :) So as I was saying, ESET Security Suite is about to be released. At the moment there is a beta available for testing at:

I've installed this little guy and man I'm so happy about it. I'm struggling hard to find a bug in it, but I can't (I hope they will give away the final to beta testers who haven't submitted any bug :) ). As I can recall, compared to other "top" antivirus programs like Kaspersky and McAfee, the only thing NOD32 had lower rating for was: "Ease of use". Well now its been all taken care of. When installed by default ESS is so easy to use that it's almost like a "set it and forget it" solution. At first I was a little scared about it, since I'm very skeptical about "set&forget stuff" even if it gets the job done right, I still want to mess around with the settings. :) In fact, not having detailed info about my pc connectivity and what ESS does in background was something I was seriously getting worried about when finally there it was, an option at: "User Interface" called "Advanced Mode". When you tick that, you have complete control over your computer's security modules. At the firewall setting, you can see which program uses what ip/port to connect where. Now this option is something I really appreciate in a firewall and it is done so elegantly. The only thing I can complain about is the Vista "glassy look". Most of the guys will like this, but I'm a classic interface fan. But from their point of view, I can tell they will love it. All in all a great piece of software for your PC's security, try it and you won't regret it.

Disclaimer: I'm not related to ESET's personnel in any way, I don't work for ESET, nor do I do this for an affiliate program of theirs. I just want to cut your own misery, I'm a messiah baby, trying to bring heaven to earth, hooray for me!

P.S. By the way don't forget to write your comments thanking me that I introduced you to ESS if you were using some of the other antivirus crap. ;)

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