Thursday, May 10, 2007

Asus X51R series XP Audio Drivers

Today I sold an Asus X51R laptop and after installing Windows XP I put the drivers cd supplied when I come to realize that there are only Vista drivers on it! Man enough is enough, I don't know what those Ms guys are doing for the notebook manufacturing companies, but this Vista propaganda is no good. Not good for the end users, and even worst for us, salesman at pc retail stores >:]

I've downloaded the drivers for XP from the Asus Support site and every driver installed fine except for the audio and the modem. I started to get annoyed with this "right cd/wrong driver" problem, happening to me pretty often lately, when suddenly while searching trough the net, I came across a microsoft hotfix needed for the High Definition Audio to work.

Company: Asus
Product: X51Rseries
Product Number: X51R-AP016
ID: 1A

The audio drivers on the cd supplied are perfect, but there is no Microsoft Hotfix for the high definition audio included and therefore windows Xp won't recognize the audio and modem.

Hydrogen Audio Forum Post with download link for MS Hotfix KB888111.exe

Download, install the hotfix from the link at the forum and your HD audio and modem driver should be installed fine.


Anonymous said...

It's work!
Sank you!

MacTeP said...

Thanks bro

Anonymous said...

It's work!
Good job.

Ma. Bernadette said...

Great. This solved my problem. Thank you very much

benedict said...

ever since i bought my laptop, is either one problem or the other. now my mouse is not being detected by the pc. i dont know what to do. i have reformated and also reinstalled the drivers. yet its still thesame what can i do?

yek said...

hi! i have the same problem with the audio loss. i tried to access the link but it was not available anymore. i was hoping you could post it again. please...... thanks.

jesse said...

the link is broken