Friday, May 4, 2007

Acer Travelmate 2490 Wireless Driver XP

Another one bites the dust...

Company: Acer
Product: Travelmate 2490
Product Number: 2493NWLMi
Model Number: BL50
Wireless Adapter: Atheros AR5BXB63

Problem: The driver supplied with the cd gets installed if the instructions provided by acer are followed, but it has an exclamation mark at the device manager so wireless won't work.

  1. Download Driver 802ABG Atheros ver.
  2. Watch Installation Instructions in Flash Video
If you have similar troubles installing drivers on another acer model, you can try different drivers from different models of acer notebooks, and also try the "Don't search" option like I showed in the video if it won't install automatically.


Thanks said...

I just bought an:
Aspire 5610Z Series
as a present for someone so this information will come in handy. I look forward to seeing your screen caps of what you were describing. Any information on acer is a good thing since I had never heard of the name brand before.

Spirit Fly said...

Well actually the name Acer has its own tradition. Taken the quality factor alone it can't be compared with known top quality notebook manufacturers although most of their models are not bad, but when you take the price AND quality in consideration, and the fact that in most cases when buying a "top quality" brand notebook you are actually paying the name, you can say that Acer matches most world leading notebook manufacturers. By the way, did you know that Asus, a company known for producing one of the finest motherboards, was formed by former Acer employees? :)

Spirit Fly said...

By the way, I will post a video as soon as I get my hands on the same model again. I noticed that the link that I've given no longer works, so if none of the drivers at the official Acer download page works, I will recommend using an Atheros wifi driver from a different acer notebook model. I will post a link when I find one that works for sure also.

Anonymous said...

The driver is working.Utility it is not installing on XP.Thank you

Spirit Fly said...

Post Updated
I've uploaded a video on how to install the driver, and I've deleted the utility from the file since it wasn't the right one and the system would freeze if setup was run, so now there are only the needed inf files for the driver to install.

Anonymous said...

This one is better, proper installing.
I have tested it on a TravelMate 2490

Spirit Fly said...

That is great, thanks for the link, can someone confirm if the utility provided with it works also? Because the utility on the v. wouldn't even install. If the same goes for Version I will update my post with only the inf files of it included. Not that there is any use of it, but still.

olivi/olivier/闷闷◎笨笨 said...

thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

I installed WinXP on an Acer 5570 equipped with the integrated Atheros Wireless. Drivers from Acer's website installed but reported "Driver cannot start. (code 10)". Tried many other drivers before finding your post. Driver in your post worked right away. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

I put XP back on the Acer 5570 2067 and couldn't get the integrated Atheros Wireless Drivers from Acer's website to work either. Your driver worked perfectly.


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