Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It Is Now Safe to Turn Off Your Computer

I had an order from a customer for a nice home server, within a reasonable price range. So since I had already sold too many M2N and M2N-X motherboards, I have decided to put my trust into their bigger brother M2N-E, and I wasn't wrong of course. The specifications of the pc I've built are:

MB: Asus M2N-E nForce 570 Ultra chipset
CPU: AMD Athlon64 4000+ Dual Core
RAM: 1Gb Apacer DDR2 800MHz
HDD: 4 x Western Digital 1Tb and one ExcelStor 80Gb for the OS
OPT: Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-212 (One of the best sata dvd-rw in its class)
VGA: 6600 nVidia 128Mb
PSU: Cooler Master 850Watt Real Power

and a lot of coolers :)

So what amazed me was that when I turned off the computer in windows xp it won't shut down directly. Instead the very old and famous screen with the message: "It is now safe to turn off your computer" would appear. So the solution to this was to enable the APMS. You can do this like this:

Click Start -> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> Power Options Tab -> Select APM -> Enable Advanced Power Management Support


지용 said...

How can I get APM tab in power management screen? I only have these tabs there: Config / Advanced / Hibernation / UPS

Anonymous said...

Check this out mate , i had the same issue with APM tab missing ....

Bob said...

That string is already set as suggested and still will not shut down automatically