Sunday, October 14, 2007

HP Compaq 6720s Windows XP Drivers Download

Company: HP (HP?!)
Product: Compaq 6720s C530N


Processor: Intel Celeron Processor 530 (1.73-GHz, 533-MHz FSB, 1-MB L2 cache) System Memory: 1024-MB 667-MHz DDR2 SDRAM (1 DIMM)
Memory: operates at a maximum of 533-MHz with Celeron processor
Hard Drive: 120-GB 5400 rpm SATA HDD
Display: 15.4-inch diagonal WXGA BrightView (1280 x 800 resolution)
Graphics: Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100, up to 384-MB shared system memory
Audio: ADI1981HD High Definition CODEC
Integrated mono speaker
Stereo headphone/line out; Stereo microphone in
Communications: Intel Fast Ethernet Integrated Controller (10/100 NIC)
56K V.92 modem Integrated Wireless Broadcom 4311AG 802.11a/b/g WiFi Adapter Pointing Device: Touchpad with scroll zone, two pick buttons
Optical Drive: DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive
Battery: 6-cell (47 WHr) Lithium-Ion
Power: External 65-watt AC adapter
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

No drivers for Windows XP, 'Vista Recommended bla bla' and still we are talking about a Celeron here..

First you have to install the hotfix for Windows XP in order for your audio and modem to get recognized by your system and then install the drivers.

Hydrogen Audio Forum Post with download link for MS Hotfix KB888111.exe

Audio Driver ADI1981HD High Definition Soundmax

Download Graphic card & Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver Ver. 14.33.1

Download Modem Driver

To install the LAN driver you have to unrar the intel.rar file, then go to device manager, right click on the "Ethernet Controller" -> Update Driver and then search for the folder where you have unrared intel.rar

Download LAN Driver Intel

NOTICE: In order for your lan to work under XP, you have to flash your bios. Please note that this is a dangerous procedure, as it may damage your notebook if unexpected power break down occurs. There is a tool, provided by HP which flashes your bios automatically, the process is pretty straight forward. While you run the tool, your notebook MUST be connected to your Power Supply Ac Adapter, and you MUST close all of your programs. It takes a while, so don't do anything while it lasts, just be patient. Here is the link where you can download the BIOS flash utility:

Download HP Bios Flash Utility

Download Wifi Driver Broadcom 4311AG 802.11abg

Well that would be it. Enjoy your notebook like you should, with Windows XP! :)

UPDATE: I've heard complaints that some of the links are down. Here is a link with all of the drivers packed in one rar file. HP Compaq 6720s XP Drivers - All


David said...

HI Guys

Just relieve a bit more of the misery. Firstly, dont forget to disable Sata Native mode in bios. Ive found the card reader and bluetooth drivers. Also the wifi driver in the earlier post does not work.

Card reader




hp Notebook- 6720s- Intel Core 2 Duo T5470 (1.6Ghz), 1024MB DDRII 667MHz 1 DIMM,160GB 5400rpm,15.4 WXGA, LS DVD+/-RW DL Super- Fixed, Intel Media Graphics Accelerator X3100 UMA 384MB, 802.11a/b/g, BT, 56K, Win Vista Bus 32/64 + Office Ready 07,1-1-0

This worked for me

Anonymous said...

thx man, good work

faraboot said...

Tnx very much for this m8!

Spirit Fly said...

Wow, thanks david, for the card reader driver, I was looking for that.

As for the wifi driver, the one I have in my post is for the model with a celeron processor which is different from the one with the core2 duo processor. The wifi at core2duo model is intel and the other one broadcom chip, thats why my wifi driver doesn't work at your case.

Technoish said...

That Card reader driver which david provided won't work at the Celeron version of the 6720s :(
Can someone confirm if it works at least for the Core Duo version of the laptop?

Anonymous said...

This is the driver for Hp6720S with a Celeron processor???
With this driver all the hardware (LAN, audio, graphics,ecc.) work correctly ??

Bye. :)


Nicola said...

You saved my life!

Anonymous said...

The same problem as technoish - card reader driver which david provided won't work at the Celeron version of the 6720s :(

Other drivers are o.k.

Sinsemilla said...

I have a BIG problem considering 6720s graphic driver ... it just won't work. :-) I downloaded 965 chipset driver from Intel site, as recomended here and after unpacking i got the message: "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer's manufacturer" Damn it, what should i do ? :-( The picture now is so crapy ...

Spirit Fly said...

Sinsemilla can you tell which processor does your HP 6720s have? Celeron or Core2Duo ? I'm not sure, but as I can recall I have read somewhere that there are models with an ATI graphic controller for this notebook, so I guess that would be your problem, I will check this for you and report here asap.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for this post! Saved alot of time.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I found this information usefull, but can someone explain to me what the hotfix for XP is?

About the audio drivers, I am having some problems, and I don't know what the problem is.

Perhaps a download or a guide for this hotfix?

Anonymous said...

problem i install the drivers and i have one missing Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System can please tell someone to help me

Spirit Fly said...

Hey try the Quick Launch Buttons driver.

By the way HP published their official XP drivers, but still the card reader driver is missing...

Spirit Fly said...

Oh and Sinsemilla sorry I was wrong about the ATI, all models are with intel graphic cards, there is an 6820s model with an ati radeon card I think.

Anyway you can try the official driver from HP for XP now :)

black mamba said...

PCMCIA card doesn't work... with this drivers.

Drivers installed fine, but when I insert PCMCIA card into slot, nothing happens!

PCMCIA card adapter is not shown into Hardware list from Device Manager.


Anonymous said...

thanks from russia guys ;) all working

Andy said...

I've successfully installed XP on this machine using the drivers posted on the HP download site. The only driver not available was for the modem and with your help here, I found it.

If you have available a USB floppy drive that works on the XP install, you can leave the SATA Native Mode enabled in the bios. When XP is booting up from the install CD for the first time, it gives you the option to press F6 to use a 3rd party driver. You need to use the floppy that has an image available under storage on the HP site. This will install the native SATA drivers and it works. I think my laptop is slightly smoother running this way rather than with the SATA native mode disabled.

Anonymous said...

Great comments, but still having a problem with the SATA native. I disabled it in de bios, then installed xp (dont have a usb floppy). after the installation If I try to enable the native mode. I wont boot propper anymore. Any ideas?? cheers

grrts, funkyole

Pero said...

i managed to create a windows with a program called nlite, i slipstreamed sata drivers and it works with native mode enabled

Andy said...

As Pero said, the only way to get the SATA drivers in without having a USB floppy drive is slipstreaming the install disk. The reason for the blue screen is that Windows takes over the access to the hard drive itself rather than going through the BIOS as part of its startup. If the drivers are not installed, XP suddenly finds that it can no longer access the drive and then blue screens. In the non native mode, the SATA drive looks like a PATA IDE drive to the OS and it already has the drivers for this built in.

Andy said...

Oops, forgot. nLite can be found here.

Negatifo said...

Ei Kolku e mal svetot koga imash Internet :D . Istiot lap top doide i do mene imah problemi so instalacia na driverite na Modemot no so tojata pomosh go reshih.Blagodaria ti mn i kak ke doom vo Strumica imash edno Ladno Skopsko ! Pozdrav Negatifo !
P.S Pretisnah i na Google Addz :)

Anonymous said...

The Unknown device which is the only one left with the question mark in Device Manager is not the card reader. That is the HP Quick Launch Buttons, you can download it on the site of HP.

Ilija said...

Thanks for modem and LAN drivers!
Works fine!

wojtasdd said...

Thank you very much for all drivers, it was very helpful, to configure my HP Compaq 6720s.
I installed all devices, after that when I enter to devices manager, I have still unknown device for my list. In detail this device is info that this device is agree with Microsoft standard ACPI. If somebody know what kind of device that info concern, please write down a post. Thank you for help.

Anonymous said...

I have the same machine, just with 2 GB RAM and I have the same Problem,"I installed all devices, after that when I enter to devices manager, I have still unknown device for my list. In detail this device is info that this device is agree with Microsoft standard ACPI" If anyone knows what this might be please post.

Spirit Fly said...

wojtasdd, guys here try

imbroglio said...

Hi All,

thank you for these missing drivers, you saved me a lot of time. I want to make my contribution by saying that I had to update the bios from this laptop (HP6720s) in order to make the intel ethernet adapter work under windows XP. now everything works fine (except for the card reader which is not even recognized.)

Spirit Fly said...

Since things changed a bit from the time my post was published, now HP has most of the drivers on their homepage, I'm working on a complete guide on how to install XP on your 6720s notebook, with all of the details for novice and advaced users.

If you are desperate about your purchase, don't be, it is a great laptop considering the brand and the price, its just that companies are doing some woogie-boogie to force new and unexperienced users to install vista, its all about vista these days..

Just a quick notice, the driver I posted at the last comment of mine, WAS downloaded from the official HP drivers page for the same product, but I don't know why its been removed(again the vista conspiracy theory :)).

Thank you all for your comments and expressed gratitude.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi! Did someone got some problem with graphic card on 6720s ? I installed xp with a nlite xp cd. All works fine 3 days long (I got too the unknown device), but suddenly screen was in vga mode since boot time. Finally I reinstalled vista and things works fine again :-( What do you think about ? May I try to install xp again?

Thomas said...

Any idea how to get the Fn+F7/F8 hotkeys working?
I tried the sp38171 (HP Quick Launch Buttons 6.40 Rev. B) - but this disables the keyboard at all...
If I boot my "knoppix" live-cd linux the keys are working so it must a software issue.

Regarding the cardreader (centrino edition): no problem at all with the build-in XP-driver from Microsoft.
Looks like it's in stealth mode untill you plug in a card ;-)

Thomas said...

It's me again...

Fresh installed WinXP & sp38171 => hotkeys ok

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!!! You just saved me :) Many many thanks!

Tom, Croatia

Anonymous said...

i need memory card reader xp driver. please!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, could anyone explain to me how you install the drivers. I was able to copy all of the drivers available from HP official site today to the c:\drivers\ directory on my new HP6720s (with FreeDOS OS only) but when trying to execute the files e.g. sp36880.exe I get a message "This program cannot be run in DOS mode: :-(

damir said...

Hy guys, i am having HP COMPAQ 6720s with Core2duo model. The problem is in my network card (enthernet controller)! When i plug in the cable from a doferent computer it wont do anything, but when i plug in the adsl on it its work fine! So the problem is in the comp. to comp. connection! I have BIOS version F07. Please help, dont know what to do!!!

Spirit Fly said...

Hello Damir,

In order for your lan card to work in XP, you have to flash your bios with the latest from HP. There is a link someone posted in the very start of this post:

there you can download the software for flashing your bios. You notebook must be plugged in with the ac adapter while you do this.

Also it does take a while so DON'T restart or DO ANYTHING while you are flashing your bios, because you can damage your notebook and it will never work again.

psyloshiva said...

thx a million man

you're the best!!!!

Anonymous said...

Many thanx from germany, you `re great.All things are working now.
But this will be my last HP Notebook.
HP had to do the work you have done.

Best wishes,


Dj ReDrum said...

Thanks man for this great post. I`ve got a problem with screen flicker in WinXP SP2. HP Support recommends BIOS update to F.07 version. But it is too late for me, I successfully upgraded to F.09 and no way to downgrade :( Still waiting for new F.10 version

P.S. Installed Linux - Flicker problem disappeared

Vova said...

Really Really great job.
I have just bought HP6720s and this article was very useful.

Tnx form Ukraine :)

Anonymous said...

man thanks a lot the world need guys like you the bios was the fracking problem everything should be good now,if anything else i will want to contact you

Anonymous said...

hey link for graphics card is down

Spirit Fly said...

Thanks for the update Fahim, the Graphic card driver has been updated now, it appears that there has been a new version of it. You can download now the latest graphic card driver ver. 14.33.1.

And the BIOS Download link has been updated too. They removed the one I have linked, not sure why, but I think the new version of the BIOS gets the network fixed also.

Thanks for your comments guys!

priyabrata panigrahi said...

hello david
i have problem in my laptop
my model is Compaq 6720s
i device manager i am finding yellow mark to "OTHERS->NETWORK CONTROLLER".
so i am not able to connect to internet.
when i connect lan cable,in my network places->Lan i found message as Enabled but still no net access.

so what to do
please suggest.
so which device i shall install.

Ali Kazmi said...

hey everyone forget xp (or any other m$ products), start using ubuntu 8.04, u get all the devices working as soon as u install it besides the wireless card and makin that work aint no big deal either (u just need to go online and install some drivers and the wireless card works as well :-D) no hassle

Ali Kazmi said...

btw ive an hp compaq 6720s core 2 duo 7200 2.0 ghz with 2048 mbs of ram and the rests the same as everyone else

priyabrata panigrahi said...

my laptop is compaq 6720s
i have installed both linux(Fedora)
and xp professional in my notebook
the problem is when i close the lid of my laptop when logged to linux my laptop always gets hang(I am not getting the same when i am using XP ,problem is only when i use linux).though i have set the settings as "do nothing" in "power management option of linux"/

can anyone suggest what to do
what settings i should change
please write if u want more information about my configuration

Anonymous said...


I have same 6720s, installed xp sp2, but I have no sound.
Any help?

Thank you

priyabrata panigrahi said...

see go to hp website
there u type ur model number and search
then download and install sound drives from there.
try this link


download 2 drivers
install UAA driver the 2nd one first then install first one
hope work
bye thank u

Javiersolana said...

Thank you for your help. I had problems with the ethernet adapter. The solution was the bios upgrade.

Thanks again

Wahab said...

Thanks all, Wahab from Pakistan, i was worried abt drivers, but got them from here and hp site

I have a problem , i have installed the 6 mb wifi driver, but when i turn wifi on, it says new device found, install driver, i am using XP.
Secondly, why is it necessary to flash bios.

Wahab said...

Are more software and drivers required to run wifi other than this driver: Intel PRO/Wireless Drivers ??

I have only installed this driver, but it does'nt work.

tjorwen said...

where can i get te MS htofix cause that link dosent work ise the hot fix link the same as the card reader???

Anonymous said...

plz i have problem here in my hp 6720s and i need your help plz:
i install OP vista and after i istall all the driver without any problem i show the wirless dont attached any network near me to connect y? any one know the problem plz

Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog .hp laptop battery l includes not only the extra batteries for Inspiron series, but for models in Latitude series as well, which is their line of notebook PC’s for the business minded.

miroure said...

It has been a helpful tool
Just follow thew instruccions as I did, and everything will work

Spirit Fly said...

I have added a new link to the post which contains all of the HP Compaq 6720s XP Drivers in one package for those who complained that some links are broken.



Anonymous said...

Hello everybody, I have a doubt, I have both operating systems, if you change the bios, will continue to work on WinVista? and if it does not change the bios, I can not have internet on my laptop?

My machine is Intel Celeron, not the Core 2 Duo

greetings to all, and thanks in advance

Spirit Fly said...

Hello ehm.. anonymous :)

The bios upgrade is published by hp itself, so it should work with windows vista and xp. Newer models are sold with the newest bios version and with windows vista so my guess is that it shouldn't be a problem.


Tom said...

I thought I'd got everything working. I slipstreamed the SATA drivers using NLite as well, so didn't have to disable native SATA. But I just used Sandra and it tells me my drive is ATA, not SATA. WTF?

lnath said...

hey anyone plz help me,
i got hp6720s core2duo2.2ghz model and i need to install linux. plz tel me how can i get the device drivers for linux. THX

Code_Fight said...


I have Windows Vista installed on my HP Compaq 6720s.
I would like to have Windows XP, but I have the bios blocked, there is information only.

the disk is SATA, and I can not format it, anyone can help me?

Spirit Fly said...

Tom, that's because the bios sees the disk drive as UDMA 5, hence Sandra displays it as ATA. But I wouldn't worry about it.

lnath it depends on which linux you want to install. The most widely used ones like Ubuntu, Fedora etc. usually have most of the drivers built in. You will have to try for yourself and see. I think Ubuntu won't give you any problems with drivers.

code_fight I would try to embed the sata drivers into a Windows Installation cd using nLite just like Tom mentioned he did. You could google about using nLite to embed drivers, there are a lot of guides on that one. All you have to do is download the sata drivers for 6720s and embed them. If you need more help please feel free to mail me.

code_fight said...

hi mate( Spirit Fly ),

can you help me to download drivers for the SATA disk ... compaq 6720s?

I've done several downloads, but none works!


Aikjones said...

i use a compaq 6720s and i ran the disk sanitizer and now i cant install Xp on it.
I when i try it tells me hard disk not found, pls wats the solution to this problem, as my computer has been down for a month and am a student

Spirit Fly said...

Aikjones read the very first comment of this post. You have to enter the BIOS and disable Sata Native mode.

You can enter the bios by pressing F2 I think while your notebook is starting. I'm not sure whether it was F2, Del or another F# button, but you should see that somewhere while your notebook is starting up)
When you enter the bios, you should find the option "Sata Native" and set that to Disable.

After that just run your windows xp installation as normal on your hp 6720s and the hard drive should be recognized.

Aikjones said...

Thanks for the most instant response to any msg i've sent(except to d woman at home).
Blessings and success to mate, will try it out now and see and get back to you.

Spirit Fly said...

No problems mate, just happens so that I'm on my pc when you post a comment :)

I got it now, it was F10 to enter the bios :)

Thanks for the regards, you are mostly welcomed, please feel free to ask me anything about the 6720s, I'm more than glad to help :)

Aikjones said...

It is installing now, man u are the best person on the planet, this system has been a sitting duck for some weeks and u have solved it.
Thanks alot.

Anonymous said...

Hi can anyone tell me how to get my screen to stop flickering when i move the laptop, i have in stalled XP the laptop came with vista. I have the celeron processor version.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. The BIOS flash solved my LAN problem. Now have a fully functioning XP version of the 6720s.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys.

I have problem with audio driver on my compaq 6720s (core 2 duo)when i install windows xp pro 64. Can anybody help me. Thanks.

Mocan cosmin said...

Thank you :D

edd said...

good one m8 !!! cheers!
it took me a while to figure it out , but it works ... all xp drivers up & running !!
keep up the good work !

THE A R P said...

hii everyone...Just need a help..i formatted my hp compaq 6720s lappy with a normal pc windows XP cd..but the problem i m facing is that screen size of the laptop has become small leaving black areas on left and right area of the laptop it a driver problem..or smthn else...plzz help..??

Anonymous said...

Find and install correct driver.

danny said...

Thanks for the posts. I have same problem black area on the right in the screen I have flashed bios and latest graphic driver and still show this black area. What do you mean by "find proper driver"? for the grafic? Thanks for helping. Danny

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

When SATA native mode is enable, did you succeed to run 3D driveguard? It doesnt work for me.


Florian said...

YES!!! The part for LAN has helped me very much. Thank you!!!

Mayur said...

Well.. all drivers works properly..!! thanks buddy...!!

great work...... !!


Razvan-Marian said...

Awesome, thank you very much for this post. I did everything perfect except for the bios update which I found out here that it needs to be done. All worked perfect and the laptop is working great. Once again, thank you !

Cheers !

Anonymous said...

i am using Hp compaq 6720s and operating system is XP but i am not able to find the web cam drivers. Hope any one can help me to find the drivers. Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

please can someone help me, i have a hp compaq6720's it has been reformated and has windows 8 on it, my cd drive doesnt work, i put in cd and it comes up with the light on the side to show its there but doesnt open up on my laptop and acts if it isnt there, how do i fix this? please contact me

david said...