Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Acer Aspire 5610z Wireless XP Drivers Found!

Company: Acer
Product series: Aspire 5610 (5610z)
Product Number: Aspire 5612ZNWLMi
Model Number: BL50

Wrong driver on the cd provided, the driver was for intel wifi adapter.

Acer usually manufactures their notebooks with either Intel, Broadcom or Atheros wifi adapters, and in my case it was Broadcom.

Acer Aspire 5610z Broadcom Wireless Driver XP - 73.3Mb

Acer Aspire 5610z Atheros Wireless Driver XP - 1.6Mb

(If you are unsure of your wifi model, turn around the laptop and look around if somewhere reads atheros. The models with atheros adapters usually have a small text where the model of the atheros adapter is printed.)


peroksid said...

Same problem here (5612ZWNLmi)... the driver CD only has Intel WLAN drivers included. Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot man.... I didn't have a cd and when I put XP on it (I hate vista) I couldn't get ANY drivers to work.... the website doesn't even have the right ones...

Now that i have the wireless though... well, Audio can wait.

Spirit Fly said...

I'm glad you resolved your issue with the wireless, if there aren't any drivers on the website try choosing a different country, maybe your model is manufactured for a different continent. Btw why can't you install audio drivers? I think I installed the ones from their website and they worked. Do you have the Microsoft Hotfix for the High Definition Audio?


mossymom said...


etenah said...

hi. I've been trying to install windows xp instead of vista on my acer, but i've consistently failed at it. now i'm kindda afraid of giving it another go on my own, so i was wondering if you could help me with the process. i've got an acer aspire 5610z, product as5613z wlmi. so - do you think you could help? (please, please, please be able -and willing, of course - to help)

Spirit Fly said...

etenah I would like to help you with the process yes, just write me an email.


Anonymous said...

2nd link doesnt work properly...can anyone help me to install my wireless drivers....

crash said...

SpiritFly -- i just read post about you helping etenah with installing winxp .. im advanced in such - yet am running accros what seems simular issue -- keeps rejecting my setup attempts -- have removed the HD and conected to my desktop - re-formated HD (several times) replaced back to laptop and ran setup/install winxp pro sp3 great - untill restart .then various errors including corrupt files..ect ect..
ARG need to deplete the "gremlins" - reset CMOS ? re-flash Bios ? arg -- ideas ??
crash.zone at comcast dot net

crash.zone said...


ude ftp protocal and even go back one directory for medel listing -- full downloads !!
thanx for prior link - couldnt dwn in IEexplorer so copied link to FTp - Voila !