Monday, June 18, 2007

Dead Pixel Revived Successfully on a Samsung 710N LCD Monitor

Today we managed to revive a dead or should I say stuck pixel on a Samsung 710N monitor. I used a combination of the two best known methods.

First I've used a free software called undead pixel to cycle the RGB colors of the stuck pixel for about one hour, then I took a damp cloth, turned off the monitor, I applied pressure through the cloth with my forefinger to the area where the pixel was stuck and while applying pressure I turned on the monitor which had the undead pixel software still running, and released it after about 5 seconds after I turned the monitor on, and BOOM! The ugly red pixel was gone forever :) . I was so amazed because I was a bit skeptic about reviving pixels at lcd monitors and it was my first time I've tried this technique. The two of the methods are described more in details here at wikipedia.

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